Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Update

The calendar design is almost complete now. The designer is working on the cover and the wording and, fingers crossed, we should be ready to send the final version to print within the next week or so. Don't want to delay it much longer as it can take 2 - 3 weeks to print and get them to me and we'll be into November. The Order Form and Poster should be ready once the calendar is ready so people can start ordering and helping me to promote them. I'll try and get an on-line link created aswell and would be really grateful for any help in promoting them.
Am keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that this year we can achieve the £10,000 target I've been after - you have to have some sort of a goal!!
We have 104 pictures at the moment and have space for just 4 more with the design created so it's not too late to add a photo if you are quick!
Thank you all for your help this year and I'm so sorry it all turned a bit confusing - sometimes I wonder why I do it and then I look at my son's and I learn of another life lost to CF and I remember why - the hassle is only temporary - life is far more precious.

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