Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calendar Update

There have been some hold ups with the printer with regards layout and difficulty in opening some files so the designer has re-sent them. Apparently they are "nearly there now" with regards completed proof so I'll be rugby tackling the Postman to the ground this week to quickly proof check, sign off and return the draft to the printer rapido! It's all gone a bit slow with regards orders - very few in so far, but hopefully they will pick up once I've taken delivery as I'll be shoving them down everyone's throat left, right and centre until the end of December!

The Poster is ready on the boys website for people to download, print off and stick in Post Office windows, School's, CF Centres and anywhere else you think they will attract attention and gain sales.

I've taken the on-line payment system off the Order page as I am aware that Paypal do take a % and I couldn't work out how to set it up anyway! However, once I take delivery of the calendars I'll be putting some on ebay, but upping the price slightly to cover ebay charges, if people would prefer to pay that way.

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