Friday, October 19, 2007

CF Calendar 2008 - Order Form

The Order Form is now set up on the boys website for anyone wanting to get orders in now via post. However, the on line ordering system isn't set up properly yet as I don't have the link to Paypal created on my new e-mail address yet. That's hopefully something that will be done within the next couple of days, but you can still request an Invoice and I'll keep it pending until I can send one.
The Poster should be on there within the next couple of days aswell and I'd be grateful if people could pass them round and stick them where they'll get seen.
I have a press release waiting to be sent to anyone who would like to help publicise the calendar with their local newspaper, thanks to Gemma Foy, and I'll put a separate topic up within the next few weeks once people start receiving their calendars.
Calendar should hopefully be ready within 2 - 3 weeks so that gives people time to suss out how many they need.
Bear with me initially though as last year I had orders for over 500 before I'd even received them - gives me a good idea of how many we are going to sell.
I hope you will all be as pleased with the final version - this year's is different yet again with excellent content and attracting colour.
Thank you all for your help and support - together we will make a difference.

I'll try and keep people updated weekly on how sales are going on this Blog - my target still remains at £10,000 proceeds and I'd be delighted to achieve that this year. If we sell the initial 2000 calendars to be printed we'll well exceed that. Now the hard work begins on publicising it.

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Maggs Mcg said...

Fantastic Lorraine I will be ordering soon just trying to calculate how many I want. Will definitely be at least 20.