Sunday, January 4, 2009

Target Achieved!

Oh dear, I've neglected this Blog again! Old Chinese proverb say "woman with too many Blogs should have an assistant"! Too busy letting folks on Facebook and the CF Trust Forum know that we have reached target and forgetting about the Calendar Blog!

About a week before Christmas we hit target of £10,000 in proceeds! How fantastic! So pleased to see the Calendar finally reach the target I knew it would! With the content this year it was guaranteed to outsell last year's - we made just over £7500 last year.

Any sales from Christmas have been a mega bonus! The Calendar has now been reduced in price to £3 to help shift the final 500+ copies. I don't want to be left with several boxes doing nothing so even if I have to give them away eventually to be utilised as awareness tools for CF Ball's or any other CF fundraising event, then so be it.

Still keeping a tally of total up until end of February at which point I will be sending all the proceeds to the CF Trust, so maybe we could hit £11,000 in proceeds by then?!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Whoops, I seem to have neglected this Blog! Sorry - it's been hectic over the past few weeks with one thing and another.

Just a quick update for anyone searching for progress of the CFuture Calendar:

As of today nearly 1500 Calendars have gone with proceeds just over £8000 - fantastic!

I do think that the Calendar could do with an extra "push" to get it to £10,000 this year though. I've tried to get national publicity for it, but nothing is happening. It's a shame really as so much work went into it and there are so many high profile people with CF featured. I had hoped it would grab the media's attention so that the last CF Calendar could be the best. It still WILL be the best as it has now passed last year's final proceeds figure of £7,000, but it could have done so much better with big publicity. Still, I've not given up yet - plenty more e-mailing to do!

Keep spreading the word please - hopefully we can reach that £10,000 this year - fingers crossed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CFuture has arrived!!

Finally, after months of waiting, the CFuture Calendar has arrived!! Occupying a corner of my lounge once more for the next few months!!

Now the selling begins in earnest and the seeking of publicity for the Calendar.

Here's hoping that £10,000 will be within sight this year - with orders standing at nearly £4000 already, I hope that that target will be achieved - and more!!

I'll update from time to time on any publicity gained and totals over the next few weeks.

To buy, log on to

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The CFuture Calendar 2009

Design is about 99.9% complete. Sadly, the lovely Toria lost her fight last night and we are moving her to the Dedication Page. Toria was a beautiful young woman - 23 year's old and mother to Edward, 10 months old. This Calendar is dedicated to her and to all the other young people who were taken from their family and friends by this dreadful disease.

Let's make the CFuture Calendar one to remember. Target = £10,000. Total orders in so far total nearly £1,000. Once the Calendar goes to print I'll be pushing as much as I can wherever I can until around about February 2009!!! Happy Selling!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slideshow .......

Is slipping down the page again so moving it to the top:

The Story So Far!!

The Calendar is starting to come together nicely now. Have good communication with the new Designer and she has come up with a nice layout and all is going well so far. She has re-designed the Dedication Page, but sticking to the same layout theme, as "Badger" had not presented that to the printer. I'm on the edge of my seat, like everyone else(!) waiting for the pages to come through. I can't wait until the day comes to take delivery of 2500 Calendars! Am 100% sure that this year we will actually sell out in a short space of time - woooooooooo!!!

Logging picture of the new dedication page:

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Latest on the Calendar

The original designer of the Calendar, "Badger", has become too poorly to continue with the design of the CFuture 2009 Calendar so design stopped for a while.
The design is now in the capable hands of Laura who works for the National Drinks Distributors. I am a little apprehensive about starting over again with a new designer, especially as I have worked with "Badger" for 4 year's, but am sure that working together we can put together a really nice Calendar this year. I'm a creature of habit myself so working with someone new is going to be interesting and hopefully we can put together some new idea's.

This has been a long road, but we'll have a Calendar for 2009 very soon. In the meantime, I've shut down all my on-line sites while design is going on as I know that everyone is keen to know how the Calendar is doing and I can't keep telling the same story - for my sanity, I'm going "underground" until the Calendar is finished.

Keep watching this space - when it's done - everyone will know about it!!!