Friday, October 12, 2007


All is speeding up now towards us having a calendar to sell - very exciting! We have reached the designer's layout target of 108 pictures - 9 per page. Today I've received a draft copy of February to pick the background colours and it's looking great - might Blog that later, but be aware it's not the final version, just a sample for now.
Once the calendar is finished the Poster and Order Form will be on the boys website to download and we can start taking orders.
Last year I had orders for over 500 before I'd even received them so you won't be surprised to learn I was rushed off my feet for the first week or two trying to get them out to people. Don't panic if you feel your calendar is a bit slow on delivery if you send in an order before they are ready - I'll be doing my utmost to make sure they are all out within 2 weeks of receipt of them. I'll be a one woman packing machine again!!
Dragging the slideshow to the top again to show you all the final pictures:

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Lisam said...

Well done Lorraine, the calender lookds fabulous. Youve worked really hard.

Lisa x