Sunday, September 30, 2007

Designing Underway

The design of the calendar is now underway and we've hit my target of 100 pictures. Any extra from here are a bonus - but really I'd like to hit last year's total of 120 - giving us 10 pictures per page. We won't be having a Dedication Page this year and that's not down to any particular reason other than I had no photo's for it and no-one broached the subject this year.
I really enjoy the design stage as I get to see pages before everyone else and it always looks very well presented. This year we are going to try and add some colours to the design to fit in with the "fun" topic. I don't think there will be any adverts on this year depicting CF fundraising ventures as there isn't time to put these together now - also I think it would be nicer to have a bigger calendar space and they took up that room last year.
Hopefully I'll have something to look at when I get back from holiday and will put another update then.

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