Friday, November 30, 2007

Calendar Comments

There have been some lovely comments coming in through various of my fundraising selling area avenue's, so I thought I'd put some on the Blog. Not one person has said anything bad about the calendar so I hope everyone is as happy with them as I am.

Through ebay:

"Brilliant" "Fantastic" "Lovely" "Absolutely Fantastic" "Absolutely delighted" "Fabulous"

Through the CF Trust's Forum:

Well what can i say about the Fun Calender apart from wow !!!
My family think its the best one so far, WHY ? Well apart from the whole set up and design it shows these fantastic brave young people and not so young !! having FUN and ENJOYING themselves.
We all know what they go through daily but to look at all of them you would never know.
It puts some kids wocf to shame.

I got my calendars yesterday.... They are brilliant my son rylan thinks he is famous as he is in it... HaHaHa Bless him he is only 4..... Im sure my family members who have bought 1 will love it as much as i do.... Well done you have done a brilliant job

hi, the calendar is fab, its lovely to see such happy faces. liked it so much i bought 20!!
my 4yr old son marshall, also thinks hes famous and cant wait for next november to see his photo displayed!!

Calenders received,a big thanks!
Absolutely fantastic,a true inspiration !

Just got my calendars. As this is the first year we have been able to participate in the calendars I wasnt 100% sure what to expect.

I knew they would be good but they are brilliant. Its lovely to see all those smiling faces and i read somewhere that they put some people wocf to shame and i totally agree with that.

thanks for the calenders, they are really great, and good to see so many kids just being kids, and happy with it.

great job again this year, you really have portrayed a positive side of living with CF.

Just to let you know that I have received my calendars and agree with everyone else that they are really brilliant - The work you must put into them is amazing.

Got my calendars through earlier this week and am absolutely thrilled with them. They look great, all glossy and professional, and are even better quality than last years.

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