Friday, November 23, 2007

All Orders Gone - Up to Date

All orders have gone now - even one's I received today, so I'm up to date and have sent out via post over 400 calendars this week - my back's telling me so!

I hope everyone is as pleased with them as I am - this year's is a lot more colourful and glossy with less "faff" on.

If you have any comments to add to this Blog, please e-mail me. I'm on the publicising trail next sending some out for promotional purposes to day time TV and some celebrity contacts. I hope to push this one as much as I possibly can in order to achieve the maximum amount of awareness and hopefully reach my target of £10,000.

In order to try and avoid as much ebay fee's as possible, if you are wanting to buy on-line, please e-mail me and I'll send you an Invoice directly. I've mostly put them on ebay to reach out to more people in the CF Community who don't know about the calendar through the CF Trust's Forum.

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