Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Update

Nothing exciting to report on the Calendar progress yet, but hopefully there will be more news within the next couple of weeks.

A PDF file for the cover and back cover were sent to the printer today and am now waitint for the calendar pages to arrive for me to check for picture content, names, spellings etc. Once they are all approved I will add the pages to this Blog when the JPeg formats have been sent.

Had the Press Association on the phone yesterday keen to run a story, but we are not ready for publicity yet - I can't send out Calendars because we don't have any. Nice to know they are interested though so will get in touch with them again once we have a Calendar.

Once the Calendar has been approved and sent to print, the Order Form will be put together - when that happens I'll start plugging the Calendar again in order to drag in pre-orders.

Keep watching this space!!!

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