Friday, August 15, 2008

Brief Update

Just a quick update for folks looking to see how things are progressing with the Calendar. So far we have 247 pictures with 258 people with Cystic Fibrosis included on doubled up pictures. Still getting the odd picture sent to me and we can still include those right up until we go to print. Designer contacted me last night to say we are looking at 18 and 15 per page to equal them out and 15 on the Dedication Page. Hoping to start receiving some drafts to check over soon - I have to make sure all pictures are accounted for - all names and spellings are correct and advertising wording is as has been sent. It's not a quick process, but a thorough one. Last year I got one name wrong and spelt one wrong unintentionally! This year I'm looking for 100% perfection on the last Calendar - it's got to be 100% perfect in order to gain as much publicity as possible in order to achieve the target figure of £10,000 and more.

Already had the Community Newswire telling me they will run a feature once the Calendar is ready and that reaches out to national newspapers and magazines. It is a free on-line Media area for Charitable concerns.

More to follow within the next couple of weeks - keep checking in!

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