Friday, June 27, 2008

Target Achieved!!!

Unbelievably, the target I initially set of 120 pictures - 10 per page - has been met with just over 4 weeks to go until the deadline! I'm amazed at the response this year, but I have worked my socks off trying to reach out to as many people as I possibly can in the CF Community this year. I am on a mission to get to that £10,000 in proceeds and it is within reach now with pictures still coming in all the time.

We are re-thinking the layout now as we wouldn't want to turn a single person away if we can help it. The more included the more awareness = more publicity = more monies to be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

We may have to scrap the A4 portrait idea for the first time and move on to a bigger format in order to get all the pictures in to give everyone chance to be part of this well established and well liked fundraising venture.

Watch this space for more news - I'm working on a better layout!

Thank you for all the lovely pictures sent so far - the CF Community are all truly beautiful.

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