Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Story So Far !!!

So far we have 75 pictures for the 2009 CFuture Calendar - target still stands at 120 - same as the 2007 Calendar with 10 per page (2008's had 9 per page). My target of 120 is basically so that the calendar pages look good - all photo's the same size and no-one singled out with any bigger picture than the other.

Looking at possibly including some CF Fundraising Ventures/Events on the calendar again this year, but that depends on space and timescale.

I think I have secured a bit of the "wow" factor I was searching for this year for the Calendar - watch this space! I may or may not keep that a secret until the Calendar is completed, but am not much good with secrets!!

Keep spreading the word and keep sending in the pictures - together we will make a difference and the 2009 Calendar is guaranteed to be the best yet!!

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