Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Calendar Update

Another update on this year's Calendar for those looking for information and I have directed everyone to this Blog who has contributed pictures so I hope I don't confuse anyone - I'm confused enough myself at the moment!! I can't send individual e-mails to you all and I can't remember 100% who did, so I hope you all read this Blog when you can.

Sadly, Chris's family were not coping too well with the idea of setting up a Trust Fund in his memory - was causing them too much pain and upset, which is obviously quite understandable, so that idea has been scrapped totally now. However, I still personally have plan's to carry out this idea in the New Year on my own - once Joe starts full time school in January.

Sooooo, this year's calendar is on hold yet again until we decide on the best way forward. I can honestly say that I just feel like dropping the whole idea, but can't let down over 100 people who have contributed. I hope you'll all bear with me and will update again in a couple of weeks. We are off to Disneyland Paris on Monday until Friday - a much NEEDED break. Stay happy and stay well. xxx

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