Sunday, January 4, 2009

Target Achieved!

Oh dear, I've neglected this Blog again! Old Chinese proverb say "woman with too many Blogs should have an assistant"! Too busy letting folks on Facebook and the CF Trust Forum know that we have reached target and forgetting about the Calendar Blog!

About a week before Christmas we hit target of £10,000 in proceeds! How fantastic! So pleased to see the Calendar finally reach the target I knew it would! With the content this year it was guaranteed to outsell last year's - we made just over £7500 last year.

Any sales from Christmas have been a mega bonus! The Calendar has now been reduced in price to £3 to help shift the final 500+ copies. I don't want to be left with several boxes doing nothing so even if I have to give them away eventually to be utilised as awareness tools for CF Ball's or any other CF fundraising event, then so be it.

Still keeping a tally of total up until end of February at which point I will be sending all the proceeds to the CF Trust, so maybe we could hit £11,000 in proceeds by then?!

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