Friday, September 12, 2008

The Latest on the Calendar

The original designer of the Calendar, "Badger", has become too poorly to continue with the design of the CFuture 2009 Calendar so design stopped for a while.
The design is now in the capable hands of Laura who works for the National Drinks Distributors. I am a little apprehensive about starting over again with a new designer, especially as I have worked with "Badger" for 4 year's, but am sure that working together we can put together a really nice Calendar this year. I'm a creature of habit myself so working with someone new is going to be interesting and hopefully we can put together some new idea's.

This has been a long road, but we'll have a Calendar for 2009 very soon. In the meantime, I've shut down all my on-line sites while design is going on as I know that everyone is keen to know how the Calendar is doing and I can't keep telling the same story - for my sanity, I'm going "underground" until the Calendar is finished.

Keep watching this space - when it's done - everyone will know about it!!!

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