Sunday, November 30, 2008


Whoops, I seem to have neglected this Blog! Sorry - it's been hectic over the past few weeks with one thing and another.

Just a quick update for anyone searching for progress of the CFuture Calendar:

As of today nearly 1500 Calendars have gone with proceeds just over £8000 - fantastic!

I do think that the Calendar could do with an extra "push" to get it to £10,000 this year though. I've tried to get national publicity for it, but nothing is happening. It's a shame really as so much work went into it and there are so many high profile people with CF featured. I had hoped it would grab the media's attention so that the last CF Calendar could be the best. It still WILL be the best as it has now passed last year's final proceeds figure of £7,000, but it could have done so much better with big publicity. Still, I've not given up yet - plenty more e-mailing to do!

Keep spreading the word please - hopefully we can reach that £10,000 this year - fingers crossed!

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