Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Calendar Update

So far over 1300 calendars have gone either sold/to raise awareness/on a sale or return basis so over half way at the moment. Proceeds are somewhere between £7000 - £8000. Hard to put an exact figure down at the moment with monies being spread all over via on-line payments and cheques to bank, but still on target for that £10,000.

I received a little note from Lorraine Kelly at GMTV this week which I thought was very nice, so I'll put a copy on here. Not all "celeb's" can be-bothered to take the time to send a thank you.

There is also a write up on the Community Newswire today about the calendar, which is another helpful way of promoting it - although I've never had much success through that on-line site before - there is always a first time!

After my holiday I'll look at doing more promoting of the calendar, but sales are still steady and I'll be back to packaging up parcels and sending them out in the New Year.

Happy Christmas to all and Best Wishes for 2008.

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